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How I can help

Different things bring different people to counselling.


You may know why you are seeking a counsellor at this point - or it may be less clear for you. You may be dealing with a crisis or struggling with a change in your life. You may want to change something but feel unable to do so. You may be at the point where you want support to grow and develop in new ways. Or,  you may be aware that you are no longer feeling yourself or just know that something is not right. Below are some of the many different reasons that have brought other people to work with me.


But the issues people bring to counselling and the answers they find there are as unique as the people themselves. 

I provide a safe and non-judgemental space to look at whatever is causing you distress, discomfort or confusion. Whatever you bring, we will explore and make sense of what we discover together.  It is a process which helps you ultimately be more true and kind to yourself. Our work will also help you to identify repeating patterns in your behaviour and relationships, understand them better and, consider alternatives.

What would be the next steps

Sad Girl


Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Lack of confidence

A picture of a crossroads with two signs pointing down different roads.

Life transitions

Woman in Black Swimsuit

Relationship difficultues

Rain Cloud

Bereavement and loss


Work related issues

What would be the next steps? 

Next steps

From my own experience, I know how hard it can be to take the first step to reach out for help. This is what would happen if you did: ​

  • Contact me to see if I have any available slots that suit you and/or if you have any other questions. I currently have available slots on Mondays. 

  • We will agree a time to have an initial 30 minute consultation covering what has brought you to look for counselling at this time, what I offer and other practical aspects of counselling - like confidentiality, fees and my cancellation policy. This is NOT a counselling session and is free.  

  • If you want to work together, we would then meet at the same time each week. I offer both short-term and long-term counselling with regular reviews to make sure our work is still benefitting you. 

  • Each session is 50 minutes and costs £50

  • For my in-person sessions, I work within Dialogue and Space in Edinburgh.

Contact and costs

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